The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tatty Ragdoll fridge magnet from

Tatty Ragdoll fridge magnet from

Adventures of Tatty RagDoll by Lori (again)

Nurse Tatty …. Hehee

(on phone) ‎"Hello, yes doctor. What's that? You say you're bringing a patient to surgery who's just had their brains eaten by zombies? Not a problem. I'm sure we can fix it." Lol

Supply room - She was surprised by all the suture we have to sew people up (notice amazed look!).

Sterile gowns - Here she is riding down the hall on a cart full of instrumets. She wanted to go faster.

Tour - I took her to the pediatric area, where we do surgery on kids.
- She couldn't believe how big it was.

Scrubs - Here she is getting ready to wash her hands at the scrub sink.

Ready -- Inside one of the pediatric operating rooms.

Ooppss - I told her to leave the suction tubing alone but she just wouldn't listen!

LOL Lori, I did say she was nawty ... so good luck with her!! hehehe

So, nurse Tatty is settling in by the looks .. making herself comfy wherever she goes .. i look forward to hearing from YOU to ....

Tatty xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

The new Pink organza came for the underdress .. its very sweet! As you can see with Tatty RagDoll No:14 modelling …

Alas, I have made the first 4 with legs, and waiting to post out, and they are running amok! So I had to continue with them, but will leave their legs off until they are going to their new homes …. Heheh I know I am wicked, but my poor kitteh is in hiding!

So I have detached legs that are laying next to the rest .. would hate to wake up in the morning and find that she stitched herself up .. although, I do that to myself often cos I don’t think lol

I am running out of eyes! And the suggestion by Karma that I make ‘cyclops’ was not really the answer I was looking for lol next, it will be one legged ones and all sorts, so not going down that road ….

Also I will be adding another link here, so that you can order mugs, T-shirts etc in the very near future … just in case you forgot.

More tomorrow which will be intorducing – ‘Nurse’ Tatty RagDoll!! Yes I jest not!

Tatty xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Adventures of Tatty RagDoll by Lori, USA

She has finally arrived at my lovely friend Lori’s home in USA, and you know what, she looks really happy! Don’t you think? She is No8.
I also sent No12 with her, and now Lori’s daughter has her! So they are the 'terrible twins' and I dread to think what will happen with 2 in one house! Lol

A blow by blow account of Lori’s Tatty that go with the pictures ….

Tatty, she just arrived, all the way from London, and wanted to let you know she made it in one piece. She was just a little frazzled when she got here.

Here she is lying in the sun with her sunscreen and an ice cold beverage.

As soon as she got here she wanted to go swimming, but she didn't want to get water in her eyes.

She's happy to see to see blue skies and cornfields. Notice how her little heart is glowing. :)

We took her to see the windfarm. Can you tell it freaked her out just a little bit?

We mentioned going to get something to eat. Here she is running down the road, away from the windmills, towards the nearest McDonald's.

She was so hungry after her long trip, she wanted a Big Mac and Coke from McDonald's.

I absolutely LOVE her! My daughter especially loves her hair. She says it's dreadlock hair. Of course she would say that, since she loves dreadlocks... I wish it was you here, too! I do really love her. She is just adorable! I hope they are happy tears you are crying, because your dolls will be loved by many people, everywhere they go. Lori ..

Stunning pictures!! I soo wish I was there too! Running down the road with the wind in me hair! LoL

she is certainly living the life out there, that’s for sure, and being tottaly spoiled! Hehehe she has Lori round her little finger already ….

AND her little heart twinkling!! Amazing, shows how happy she is!

Thank you for the lovely photos, and I know she is well loved!

Waiting for her first visit to hospital photos lol .. now they will be funny .. I know it!!

Hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it!

Tatty xx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Passport ....

Yes her very own passport is now available!!

Will come in a lovely see through cover, the UK passport, front cover is pink, inside are 4 pages, one page with her photo.

And now for the DISCALAIMER! LOL

Even though your passport is delivered with a little ‘note’ from me inside, NO WAY Is it MY fault if you do as I ‘suggest’ .. this is YOUR decision if you do it .. I only ask as we want you pics and storys of what Tatty RagDoll has been up to ….

And to be fair, first one to show me a photo of the ‘suggestion’ will get a prize hehehe

The passports will be up for sale in the next 2 days, ONE has been posted today, as the owner is taking Tatty RagDoll on a trip to europe in a few weeks time, cannot wait to see what happens there!!

In my defence, and I do like blaming others for what I do, *cough* you can blame Tatty RagDoll if you get told off for anything ….

I know, I am nawty, I own urp to that one!

Tatty xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A new item??

What do you think?

A Porcelain Mug with Tatty RagDoll on? hehehehe

with Pink or Blue writing ...

feed back would be appreciated lol

Tatty xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Here is what i need to say ...

As Tatty RagDoll now makes her way to Canada, enough people have her now for me to say this...

Each one i have made, i have made with love, and her own little features ... none are the same .. each are an extension of me ... in a giggling, mischievous, attitude way .. always happy, never sad!

She will now travel, and take off where i left off .. i have her in my head, need to get her out in the world now .. and that you for showing me i was right, and for taking her in, for taking her with you ... each and everyone of you can show me what she is doing, and where in photos and messages ... i soo look forward to posting them here, so everyone else to read.

Rule the world Tatty RagDoll!!

Tatty xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tatty No7 ...has arrived ...


AND has made herself comfy on Lauras bed lol .... cheeky!

Laura said ...

little Tatty Ragdoll just showed up stuffed into my mailbox. Not to worry - she is putting up quite a fuss, so we know she is fine. I LOVE HER! You did a marvelous job. I could NEVER do it. Bill likes her too. That is saying a lot As soon as we get back from our afternoon errands, I will make and post pictures. She has already taken over my bed and loves the pillows. More later. Is she 1st to arrive in the US? Hugs and LOVE

Yes! the first there!!

awww ... i am soo happy she has a lovely home! more photos tomorrow from here as it is late now, but i wanted to share this ....

Tatty xx

Tatty RagDoll No5 ...

She is not all that shy afterall!!!

Angela says ...

I found out where the shy number 5 was, Tatty, she's found herself a boyfriend, Alfred the painter! lol.

Quick!! lol

Tatty xx

Tatty No6 ...

Is now residing with Angela in Wales, UK .. AND is already in trouble!

Angela just posted this pic saying ....

Passport photo, ragdoll number 6 (number 5 was shy), number 6 is kinda behind bars for having attitude and is detained by Airport Officers until further notice. until she goes to Denmark in the next 8 weeks, new photos coming then, from Denmark when they let her out of the Duty Free shop away from the vodka, lol... x

Passposrt photo >>>>>>>>>

Now, do i sign the back saying i know this girlie? or pass the buck lol

Tsk .. i am in 2 minds if she should go travelling to Europe if she is like this already!! :O LOL

Tatty xx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tatty Ragdoll Lilm's....

Has arrived at her destination and now live with the lovely little Lilm!

she made herself comfy with the others that live there and then ....

Lilm's Tatty promptly set about spamming Sandra's wall with SClub 7 crap music lol *shudders at the taste in music*

this all went on while i was in the process of starting next months new batch, so when i came back to my fb wall .. this is what i found from Andrew who No2 belongs to ...

Andrew said "Totally caught out sneaking and pigging out on a large box of my chocolates. How she got them high up from the top of the cupboard I will never know. xx"

:O I did not know she was into choccies... i hate the stuff!! lol

Looking forward to the next lot ..

Tatty xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

For July ....

Introducing next month's (July) colour for Tatty RagDoll's under-dress .....

baby PINK .... is'nt it lovely!!!

So what do you think? i cannot wait to start .. she will have matching feet, if you choose too!

Also, new 2cm small hearts will be on the left side of her dress .. so keep watching!!

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tatty No2 kick butt! ...

Xbox 360 - Not just for the boys!

I did ask if she won ...

Andrew says:

Definately, at first they boys laughed at her playing them online but then she kicked butt and is now she is very poplular on Xbox Live :)

hehehe so if you play this online, have a look out for Tatty No2!

Tatty xx

Tatty No4 ....

Disgraced herself at a birthday party! *yikes*

Posted By Karma:

Tatty 4 gets in on the birthday action, she pigged herself on cake and was promptly sick :D

LOL ... all i can say is, you have to watch her when she is around food and drink, alcihol, she will be tempted to errr over indulge .. i dont know who she got that from *Ninja*....

Keep your lovely reports coming in!! they are soo funny!

Tatty xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Updates on her mischivious nature ...

So I have also been informed that Andrews Ragdoll has been drinking his whiskey!
I really cant believe that .. I think Andrew forgot how much he has been drinking himself! Heheh because …. WE only drink wine!!

So I have to tell you all, you know Tatty RagDoll has a ‘nature’ about her that is unlike any other ragdoll … you want one of these, and if you then own one, you MUST report anything nawty that she does .. along with picture evidence, so that I can post them here and others know what to watch out for.

Do not say you have not been warned!!

Tatty xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Have now started ....


Yes my lovely Tatty RagDolls are flying the nest!

The first 3 have now been posted, and on their way to friends who wanted them .. and i am missing them! lol sad but true!

More will be going on Monday .. what am i going to do with soo many all gone now??

BRING MORE TO LIFE or course lol

Yes the rest of June will be spent doing the next batch of 13 ready for going on sale July 1st, so watch this space, as info is coming soon!

In the meantime, tonight i think i have earned a rest .. WINE ANYONE??? *cheers* ....

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

More ramblings ...

So …. Picture this …

I was sleeping peacefully, so was my kitteh, if she is awake during the night, trust me I hear the elephant!

In my sleep, I am dreaming of little people, softly dancing around, happy and smiling.

In my dream its like I hear other sounds, and movement, soft sounds .. the sounds are inpregnanting my sleep, I am waking, and hearing my dream or am i?

Obviously as I wake, my breathing changes .. the noises stop .. all is still … I want to open my eyes .. I know its around dawn as soft light is peering through .. it is not dark …

I lay there, I steel myself … I want to open my eyes.. I have to open my eyes, as I can feel someone or thing watching ME! Willing me to look!

I can hear my kitteh purring so whatever is looking at me is not evil ….

I slowly deepply breath in …. Start to open my eyes …. YIKES!!!


Invasion of the Tatty RagDolls .. all standing watching me at the bottom of my bed! WTF!!! ………..*EEeeekkkkk* I scream in mind … they are all just sitting… some standing, balancing on the edge of the wrought iron!! OMG!!

My Kitteh jumps from the dressing table onto my bed …..

I WAKE UP!!! …. Phewwww … all a dream …. But I look and see kitteh is playing with a little tiny flower .. that should be in someone’s hair?? HUH?? ….. how she get that?

A horror story never hurt anyone .. unless you are a scardy cat!! Lol

Beware, you never know …..

Tatty xx