The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Backpack Tatty... is HOME!!!

AND who was the first one i see when i opened her box??

Flipping ROO!!!!

The cheek of the little begger, bold as brass laying next to Backpack Tatty all comfy like!! 

I was astonished! look at him! >>>>>

At this point i lifted Backpack Tatty out to check her over ... well she looks still 'intact' no messing about with her dungarees, hair bit messy, but after all Andy had been putting the pair of them in 'posing' positions!

Roo sat in the box being very quiet and subdued .. then i looked at him closely .. WTH! ohhh nooo you dont Roo! look at me all innocently .. eyes blank like you know nothing! 

That will not work with me ya knows! 

The next thing i know Mah kitteh had heard me talking to Backpack so she came to welcome her home ...she was sniffing very intently at her, as if she was all foreign! ohhh thats not good, until she whispered in Kittehs ear, and i swear i did not hear what was said... but the next thing she went over to Roo, who looked scared shiteless! 
Kitteh was not looking very happy ... I held my breath, then SHE whispered in Roo's ear!!  He whispered back to kitteh .... 

She looked at me and said "We need to talk" ....

So for the moment, Backpack Tatty has gone to her bed, and Roo has made a bed in Backpack box, where Kitteh can keep an eye on him, til we sort this business out, and i still have to check all her bits and pieces are still in her backpack .. so as soon as i have done that i will update you all.

I will say though Roo looks very sorry for himself, i did say that Andy his dad had missing posters out for him, and his phone number for peeps to call if they found him, and he pleaded with me NOT to say anything yet.... so that is what i am going to do .... 

Ohhh yes also, Clarence the polar bear, came out of the freezer,  sat with kitteh and said to warn Roo ....

Well what can i say, they are all very protective of Tatty RagDolls ................

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Well possible Kidnap as she was rescued before it got too far :D 

Oh yes, believe me, we was at panic stations Sunday night (15th Jan) so my friend Andy kindly offered himself as the knight in shinning armour!

Monday night he went to rescue her ... and i was sooo happy!!! BUT, that did not last long when i saw the photos that was then posted!! 

Now look, i know Backpack Tatty is 'worldy' cos she has been travelling all over the place .. the Middle East would have been an eye opener lol so i really can not say that Backpack is totally innocent BUT that is not the point here, she knows she is 'Ambassador' for all Tatty RagDolls, who i will have you all know IS TOTALLY INNOCENT . she ,may well be mischievous, and nawty and other things but she has never or will never have a boyfriend, so Backpack has really got to show some respect, and she knows that.
So imagine MY horror when i was informed that Andy's Roo had taken a fancy to her! offering alcohol and nuts to her.

And he produced chocolate that he stole from the cupboard...

 thinking that would get round her .. AND THEN i was shown other photos that are far to explicit to put here :( seriously upsetting!!
What sort of man lets his Roo do things like that to a girlie?

I really was at the end of my rope not only did he ply her with Scotch 
he gave her wine too!! 

OMG .. Andy kept saying it was Backpack that was leading Roo Astray .. but i know what my girlie is like, after all i made her!

And i would really like to think that this photo was of Backpack pushing Roo away ...
That what i would like to think .......

So my happy smiley face did not last long, and i begged Andy to send Backpack back to me asap .. so Yesterday (Tuesday) he did just that, i think he knew he had been nawty and gone too far, so did what was best.

but later after he got home apparently Roo had gone missing!! he looked everywhere for him, but could not find him! I did say that maybe that was a good thing, seen as he had been such a bad Kangaroo .. someone .. namely Gropey had even suggested that maybe a 'little Rooty' was on the way! :O WHAT! nooo no way would she be pregnant!
So, i was not nice to Andy when he reported Roo missing  ....

No i was not nice at all, i was more concerned for my little Backpack!

I know some of you may think i am silly for being soo attached to a RagDoll BUT, they are special, AND Backpack has been to a lot of places all over the world, and people like reading what she has been up to, she has requests for party appearances, Mall/shopping centre openings ... all sorts of things, so she is a very special RagDoll, with her very own personality, amazing nature, mixed with mischief and nawtyness ... so NEVER put her down or 'Diss' her!

So, if anyone does see Roo, please keep him and teach him to be a good boy .. Andy should not be allowed to have him .. i am sure Roo gets all his bad habits from him! which is not funny at all :D 

SO when i have Backpack back, i will let you know how she is .....

Tatty xx