The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My AVALON ... again made simples ...

here we go again Tatty RD is getting fed up with me lol

Enjoy!! Tatty xx

My Avalon ... June 3rd 2012

This is why my blog has been lacking lately, my move to Avalon took more out of me than i bargained for .. BUT soo worth it .. hope you enjoy the photos ....

Avalon move  << click it lol

Tatty xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Avalon Cottage ....

Why i have been missing .. well and cos i have been sewing much more lately ... they will follow in a later blogm for now i want you to see what Tatty RD will be made form very soon ..

Avalon cottage is a mystical place, and i will HOPEFULLY be living here SOON. I have agreed to the agent i just need to sort the rest but for now .. here are some photos ..

Has a little brook running through it ... it is a nice peaceful cottage, with a little garden, perfect for me and my kitteh ... I AM SO looking forward to living there, just in time for summer!!! 

So Keep your fingers crossed that it goes through, as things can still wobble, BUT if i have you all behind me, i know i will live there ....

And come visit!! :D lol

Tatty xx

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Yes well  .. Adoption really lol  

I know it is very hard to believe BUT, i seem to have Tatty RagDoll's breeding like rabbits!

Clarence the polar bear has had his 'way' with Fairy Tatty RD!! OMG! He is Usually at home in the freezer .. watching all of us ...

It seems he has had some warm nights with a certain little lady while i have been sleeping ... and Fairy RD .. REALLY! Clarence i am disappointed in you! :( poor Fairy .. 

So now we have way too many babies to cope with, and the way this lot are going, more will be on there way no doubt..
So seen as soo many of my friends have kindly 'contributed' pennies, in securing most of the babies, i will need more people to come forward and 'help' us out ... 

The new etsy shop is now open .. link to the right, you go have a wonder, all sorts of vouchers and discounts and competitions will be coming very soon .. so keep popping back ..

In the meantime ... i need some sleep ...ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Tatty xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

OHHH my!!!!! ....

What has happened!! 

Earlier Backpack went into Labour! 

I really did not know what to do! i was running around like a headless chicken! 

Roo was standing there useless too! running around following me!! 

Everyone was soo excited giving us advice on what to do .. tapping feet .. smoking cigars .. i was wiping her face .. Roo went into complete shock when he saw what came next! .

I thought best me put me marigolds on, I was encouraging her, to push... and pant ... breath .. push .. 

After lots of  Ewww-ing and awww-ing out popped a BABY!! whoo hoooo !!!!!

everyone was sooo crying and sobbing at seeing the tiny little thing, that only weighed 1 gram! 
she is sooo adorable!!  I  burst out crying ...  so did everyone else, who i was giving a running commentary too! lol .. wll this is a momentous occasion a baby Tatty born on Valentines day! ...  .........
Trouble was, i wondered why BP was still looking a bit un-comfy .. because OUT POPPED another baby!!


overwhelmed is not the word for it!! everyone was gobsmacked .. Roo was even more stunned than he was already! if that could be possible .. he had not murmured or moved since earlier on when it all started!  
To be honset, i nearly fainted myself ........
So after a bit of cleaning up .. 

I put the Babies in sleeping nests .. well one boy and one Girl .. absolutely amazing! best day i have had in many years ... 

AND NO not starting to call me the 'G' or 'N' name ... 

And really, its soo lucky that neither of the babies look anything like their daddy!  can you imagine it! 

AND shame all you lot are not on my facebook .. cos they got the funiest parts heheh ... sorry! 

HAPPY day And Congratulations to Backpack & Roo on the birth of their Twins on Valentines day 2012..

Tatty xx

UPDATE .....

She complained most of the night .. BRAXTON HICKS ffs .... and she is still moaning!! :O

Monday, 13 February 2012

OMG!! Good grief! ....

Good grief!! Backpack tatty is getting enormous, how many babies she got in there?? 

I need help i think .. looks like there is more than one in there .. or its a VERY BIG baby!! :O 

who wants to lay bets on what its is or and how many hahahah 

Tatty xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

AUSTRALIA!! ...........

Tatty RD has now finally landed in Australia ......

The very first one, Valentines Tatty RD belongs to a friend Diana Meiers,  and OMG they are soo well suited together! and the reason will soon become very obvious why when you see the photos ... 

Lady of the manor ... Tatty RD has already been messing with Diana's head .. by making her think she usually has 'high tea'! PMSL cracked me up when i saw this it did ..... 

Little Tatty soon made herself at home by exploring her new home, and no nook or cranny was left unturned..

Starting outside in the sunshine, lets face it, when she was here middle of winter, she got out just in time before the snow hit!

She never has seen an animal except mah kitteh .. so seeing these garden models took her breath away ... 

And the stone statue of a Cockatiel .. which is a bird little Tatty ..  hidden in a flower pot .. 

as she never went outside while at home in England, these will become her animals that will be normal to her to see .. how lucky is she?

Back inside she makes her way to the kitchen .. where she climbed up among the crockery ... and lovely tea cups .. which all look like china to me ... oh dear she can be very heavy handed !!! 

OHHHhh jeesh climbing on the glass rack!!! *yikes* 

I can look!!!!!

Do not know why she is looking at the books, as she does not read yet lol oh well lets hope her new mummy will teach her .....

But i think mainly it was to pose with her certificate, that she comes with ..

Then low and behold .. she found the cellar ... the WINE CELLAR!! 

You have had it now Diana, she will drink you dry! 

Shelves ....

                Upon shelves .......


                      and racks ,,,,,,,,

and yet more ......

wine racks of wine all over the place ..... 

no wonder she looks in her element now ..  and I am beginning to think that i sent the wrong Tatty over to Australia! i should have sent myself!! lol *DOH*

I cannot believe how lucky she is!! is sooo jealous! 

*Whispers .... hey Little one, send me a couple of bottle?* .... hehehe

Looks like she has found herself a nice bottle of white .. and is settling down to life is good 'ole Aussie ... 

Diana and little Tatty i can see have become best 'Shiela's' already ... that means best friends to everyone who does not know .. lol ... 
And i am looking forward to many an adventure from these two .. after all .. she is the first Tatty RD out there .. and i am soo pleased she went to the loveliest of ladies .. hehehe

                      GOOD ON YER SHEILA'S!! .....

Tatty xx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Backpack & Roo's ...SHOTGUN .....


As you all know from the previous blog, Backpack Tatty RD and Roo had been thrown together by the nawty Andy Smith! 
Now because of the things that happen over the past week or more, i can now fill you in and get you up-to-date with what has been happening .. 

Roo being the innocent party in all the shinnanigans that went on at Andys place .. as well as my poor innocent Backpack Tatty .. we have been having long chats, and They Have been getting along really well .. too well as i was to find out .. Roo had been sneaking into Backpacks Bed during the night while i was sleeping! 

During the day he was being as good as gold and we have been teaching him manners and etiquette, if he is to be a member of this family .. see he even has bows ties now  Black for formal occasions, and red for frivolous do's heheh 
He looks quite the little dapper a? lol 
(click on photos to see larger version)
We have polished is Brummy accent, and he now speaks 'Sloane ranger' speak hahah (remember Princess Di? well i started the 'Sloane Rangers' pmsl .. 

As time went by though is became quiet obvious that the had been a little hiccup somewhere along the line, Clarence heard the two of them whispering one night about eloping! to Gretna Green! When he told me, i confronted the two of them and found out they wanted to get married and QUICKLY! 
I was shocked but here is what happened earlier today .. in a hurried ceremony that was conducted my Fairy Tatty, giving blessings and a ring ..  we had tears and giggles as lines were fluffed .. mainly cos Legless Tatty kept making rude noises ... but we then took some photos so that they can look back on this special day ..  >> before marraige >>

After Married.. as you can see Roo has given Backpack a very large ring for the occasion .. i know its cheap but he has promised to buy one when he earns more money..

AND here is the photo that gives it all away ... Backpack Is preggers!!
yep and because of her little size she is the equivalent to to our over 4MONTHS GONE! 

The little 'bump' is just about showing .. see >>>>

They are both very excited about the new arrival .. although i am thinking as she is soo big for the time maybe its TWINS!!! *YIKES*
Ohhh visions of the comedy film 'Twins' has popped into my head ....

First in line to kiss the happy couple was Mah Kitteh, although she kiised Backpack, she stuck her tail up at Roo! well you cannot blame her really cos Backpack is Kittehs fav RD!

No complaining Roo!! that will get you no friends around here!
the bridesmaids were Native American Indian Tatty (NAIT) and Valentines Tatty RD ..

Backpack did have a go at Valentines for trying to upstage her in the 'dress' department ... a fight nearly broke out!

So, the Wedding reception is still in full swing, i quickly too photos as i really do not think later on that ANY of this lot will be able to see or walk straight! let alone look good enough for the camera ..  so these were in haste, well apart from Legless Tatty who came to the wedding pissed!  Poor Clarence has had to keep her upright all day! 

Jeesh how embarrassed will she be tomorrow .. oh no she wont lol she is a 'lush' but a lovely lush i have to say ....

And as you can see drinks were emptying very quickly! not one glass has anything in them at this time! 

Fairy Tatty has sort of 'removed' herself from the group of revellers ...suppose she does not want to be seen in compromising situations ...

Posing for photos is second life to this lot, they will always want to be in the limelight wherever they go .. regardless of the state they are in ...

The 'Rainbow boys' Zippy and George came along too, hand in hand i will add .. looking very dapper and very close .. 

Zippy as always is life and soul of the party .. taking the pee out of everyone .. which Clarence was not amused about, as Zippy would not let the 'freezer' comment about his private parts drop ... *ninja* 

And before we leave them to the festivities ... and after Backpack had another whisper to Valentines for trying to shimmy towards Roo ...

we will say ....... 


A long and happy life together .. with not too many children, cos i know who will end up with them while backpack is off on her travels! 

Remember this day ... the very first Tatty RagDoll wedding .. even if i would have preferred a more established son-in-law .. but he does grow on you heheh

Raise your glasses (any alcohol will do) TO .. BACKPACK & ROO!!! *cheers all* .....

Tatty xx