The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Backpack Tatty in California! ...3

Yep its the 3rd instalment of her in California, I have to say, with soo many photos to go through, its making it difficult for me to choose which to use here, but, i hope the best will be seen by you.

Today, Little Tatty RD did some 'chores' before she was taken out for a treat, and see, i agree, she must earn her keep, if not she will be spoiled rotten, and add that to her nawty ways, and attitude she has already, would NOT make a good combination ... 

She does like cooking so making breakfast was a diddle for her ...

Although i do not have a clue what this is? :D

And i think later, after the day out, this is what is called 

'Pot Roast'? 

Well .. filled up, and raring to go, gardening first ... and it is a lovely garden, or 'yard' as its known, see Garden seems more normal to us, as it describes a nice place to sit outside your house, 'Yard' to us in the UK  is an area out the back of the house that is all concrete ... does not sound as nice a?
So, mowing the lawn ...

 OoOOoooo a little bike filled with flowers! .    


 Soo, as you see she is easily distracted from what she is supposed to be doing ... you really should not be left alone, as you can see she will go wondering around, and be nosey .......                     
Into the car,  where she did not stay strapped into the seat for long ... yes she had to have a turn at driving!

How many times people do i have to say .. she has NOT passed her driving test! 

Good grief, ok i wont tell if you dont, or she will not be allowed back into the country again, and we cant have that a? lol 

And this is where they went! It certainly looks lovely!  I have to say, it is a very big pond hehehe much bigger than the one i had in my back garden, where we kept Terrapins .. yes the ninja turtle type Terrapins 
                Sooo many lovely ones of this place, but little space..

I am wondering if she did ask if there was any boats for her to go in .. she does like being on the water, but she looks happy enough just being there, thats a fact.

And i have to say here, Dave and His wife really did make Backpack Tatty feel at home, they did spoil her really as you will see by the special Christmas they had while she was there in NOVEMBER heheh
Yes just for Little Tatty they had Christmas .. which is her very first!
And she had her very own bedroom too!, and after the long day she had here, she went to bed to dream of things past, and to come ... Happy Little Tatty!

See you at the California Christmas special coming soon!!!

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Backpack Tatty in California! ...2

I know this is late, but i have a good excuse

See i knew you would understand heheh ... anyhoo ...

I will do this one in two parts, as there are lots of photos, of what Backpack Tatty got up to while staying with Dave and his Wife in California, she certainly is taking it all on board too, she has not stopped babbling since she came back again lol

So Dave works in the Financial district of San Francisco, and showed Backpack Tatty the ropes, and all the high buildings,  which i do not think she has seen yet ..

LOL Then into work she went, and was shown how all the computers work, and where to sit, she found it strange that she had to behave herself i am told .....

  All looks very complicated to me! 

Awww and she wanted to call home ...       

It seems to me, that little Tatty here is enjoying herself very much! she has even picked up some American words ... and i dont have a clue what she is on about, i know one thing .. i really wish i was in her little denim shoes!                                                    

While out that day she also went on a special mode of transport .... TRAM lol

WOW I not seen one of those for a lot of years ... 

'Til the next instalment ......

Tatty xx