The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012 !!!! ......

would like
to say ...

May your year be all you wish for

Love & Light

Thank you everyone of you for your kind support, funny ideas, those who have their very own Tatty RD's, AND not forgetting those of you who already have had the pleasure of 'Backpack' Tatty rd you have been brave!

We will be back in the new year (when sober) :P with lots more ideas and stories!

For those who have Tatty RD's please send in your photos of her celebrating the coming of the new year .... i look forward to them, the best will win a prize! 

Lots of love Tatty xx  

Friday, 30 December 2011

Backpack Tatty .... End 2011

Beginning 2012...

Over Christmas, she came with me to Walsall, Birmingham UK, to stay at a friends for a few days, BUT she got camera shy! :O Good Grief!! lol 

Well, i am fibbing, i got carried away with the Christmas spirit, and forgot to take photos hahahah *doh* but trust me we was spoiled rotten, and had the bestest time ever! 

Now, she has gone to Shrewsbury, to a family who Little boy is 5 years old very soon, and they wanted backpack Tatty as guest of honour, and the day she arrived, yesterday (Thrusday 29th) they had a tea party to welcome her there .. and by the looks of the photos .. she did not know what was going on lol what do you think? ....... the above photo is the beginning .... here we carry on .....

And on .....

and on ..... :O 


OHHhhhhh dear LOL is she saying something?? 

Oh yes she is  ... 
                          ..."Help Mum .... " 
                                                        What can i say she has a few more days there yet ... lets hope she behaves, the children i mean this time ... lol

Here is the nessage i got with the photos ...  "hi mummy tatty ..

I have arrived in shrewsbury and was greeted by 4 children, and mummy di . the weather is very wet so  we decided to have some time showing tatty around the house. the children seem nice and are looking after me .
we are going to have fun 
we are going to make some jewellery
go to shrewsbury castle
we are going to do lots of arts and crafts
hopeful we will get around shrewsbury to show tatty the area , 
i have still to meet jason who works on the bins 
i have just my dinner homemade leek and potato soup and fresh bread.
We are really excited about our time with tatty and we will make sure she has fun and is looked after

Tatty xx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 ....

These photos were taken in California while Backpack Tatty RD was there in November, Dave and his Wife made her feel so at home .. they even started decorating early! Just For Backpack awwww.. so here are some photos ....




As you can see she had a FABBY time! .... this is for a starter ... WE .. Tatty RagDoll and I and my lovely Kitteh would like to wish you A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!

Eat, drink and be merry .... and drink plenty of water before going to bed .. or that hangover in the morning will be a real humdinger!! Ho Ho Hoooooooo :D 

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas!!! arrgghhhhhh....


But, as  have been invited to stay at a friends, i thought i suppose i have to make an effort, so i have bought some presents ... slowly doing online shopping, paying, waiting for them to be delivered ,, saving them safely .. then come the time to wrap them ,,, 

AND this is where the problem starts ... i had wrapped then all and i bought some colouring pens and colouring books for a little girl .. got the colouring pens, and do you think for the life of me i can find the books? NOOoo

SO i made a status last night on fb asking.... "Right can someone explain, how 2 xmas presents i 
bought for a little girl, can go missing? i have looked EVERYWHERE and they have vanished 

into thin air!!! :O

I got lots of answers .. from people who had pressies gone missing in the past, and found 

them in stoopid places, and one pointed out that maybe.. Tatty RagDoll had something to do

with the mystery .... ohhh yes says I, Certainly Little Tatty RD is not as innocent as she

makes out at times ... so today Clarance (the birds eye polar bear) and 

myself, lined up all the Tatty RagDolls that are here, and did some interrogating! and of course Kitteh had to be asked too!

Here is what happened ... not for the faint hearted!

Interrogation photo one ....... as you can see, Clarance is NO 

push over, and asks all 5 little Tattys the incriminating 

question .. "Own up Tatty RDs.. who 'hid' the colouring 


Straight to the throat .... 

Of course we knew this was not going to be a walk in the park

but still .. we did not expect what came next ... Next Interrogation photo, they all with

innocent faces, ALL of them professed innocence .. 

Fairy 2 TattyRD - "Not me Sir *ninja*

Legless TattyRD - "I has NO clue what you is talking about

 *cough* "

Twinkle TattyRD - "Not me sir ..Honest" 

Clarance is not convinced and tells them "I is watching youuuu......"

Now under certain circumstance you can bet all of them are 

not being honest, especially as they 'egg' each other on, to make matters worse Kitteh was 

late and caused a commotion trying to find somewhere to sit as you can see, testing


Patience, he tells her "SIT Kitteh, I is watching you!"  .....And in her usual nonchalant way, 

she looks right at the camera and says "Seriously ... HE talking to me?"

OHhhhhh NOT a good move 


Clarance is slowly losing the

plot and patience with them

all .. and shouts at them ....

"OWN UP! I know its one of you!"  ... poor Kitteh is not amused, and begs to Mum saying 

"I would stick my paws up if it was me, But, I is innocent i tells ya!"  *ninja*

And with that she gets distracted by a fly, 

which has the others all giggling out loud with

laughing ... "Ohhh look a fly....." says Kitteh ...

ROFL ... cant get up LOL .... PMSL .... 

Oh yes they all thought it was hilarious! 

Much to Clarance's disgust! loses his temper then makes a 


"Com'on!  Tatty Rds, tell me!! ..... OR the Kitteh gets it!! "

In astonishment Kitteh sits dumbfounded ... an all the little 

Tatty RDs start to cry ... "Nooooo not Kitteh, she is our bestest

friend in the whole wides world!" *sniff & sobs* from all .... 

The jury has gone out, and still deliberating ... YOU the jury .. YES YOU lot .. have to find 

the guilty party .. 

Is it Kitteh ... the black stealth                          Fairy 2 rd ... all sweetness

Legless rd ... who bums around                       Pinky rd ... sugary sweet

Twinkle rd ... who thinks she is a star               Gothic rd ... just out to cause trouble  

YOU decide .. be careful ya know, dont put the innocent one in the 'dog house' ...

Tatty xx