The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Backpack Tatty Cornish tales ...

She is certainly having a whale of a time down there ... i have come to the conclusion, she lives better than me these days!!! 

But i do not mind, this is why she is who she is .. to go places i cannot anymore ... so carry on little one! 

In the words of Suzie .....

Well Little Tatty is settling in nicely and she got sooooo excited when she looked out her bedroom window and saw a castle.

I didn't take a brilliant photo but have added another one I had when they opened it up one day. It is a twelfth century castle that is traditionally owned by the first son of the sovereign. Yes that's right this castle Trematon Castle belongs to Prince Charles.  ....this link will tell you more about it's history.

We girls decided to have an afternoon of baking which she thoroughly enjoyed ...

and is looking forward to eating the fruits of her labour :))

Oh and guess who wanted to lick out the bowl *rolleyes*....

Cutting the scones ... 

Major *drooolage* ........

And that Scrumpy bottle isn't ever far away either :D

love and hugs Suzie and Little Tatty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wow .. what can i say, wish i woke urp next to a castle! with the smell of fresh scones .. and fairy cakes wafting all over the place ..... i need to find a bigger packet to send myself in ... stand by lol

OR send you tupperware box, that is quite sturdy, i have a few lol .. so you can send them to me!! 

Am soo loving the Cornish adventure .. and cannot wait for next instalments.

Tatty xx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Backpack Tatty has arrived in .....


And staying with Suzie ... fairy Suzie to some, cos she loves fairies obviously! so little Tatty is certainly in for a treat while staying there for a while, she is learning to speak the local dialect already .... so far Dohajydh da (Good Afternoon in the Cornish Language)
and seen as she spent the night at the local post office sorting office .... Ple'ma an bysva? (where's the toilet) hahahah 

Poor little thing must have been bursting!! 

So, to pacify Little Tatty RD, Suzie bought some Pasties and Scrumpy, as she is well known to Suzie since she was born ... she thought of the 2 best things that would pacify Tatty RD .... 

Trouble is .. little missy has never had Scrumpy (strong cider!) before ... so i would not leave her alone with that jug!

 that will be asking for trouble :O

A very busy visit has been planned for her that will keep her occupied and happy no doubt! and i really wish i was there .. always wanted to visit Camalot country! 

I is sooo jealous!

So watch out for the next few updates, i am sure the photos will be amazing! and what she has been up to just as riveting! 

I for one cannot wait to see and hear all about it. 

Good luck Suzie!!! lol

Tatty xx

Monday, 19 September 2011


I AM HOME!!!!!! 

Awwww you will never know the feeling i had when i opened my door and there she was! 

For the first 5 minutes we was saying how much we missed each other .. how happy we both are now she is back, kitteh took a sniff at her and gave me a funny look! lol

Then she threw her backpack off, posed for photos .. >>
this one is a postcard that Skitty put in which says ...

That she has not been very nawty, *cough*,Skitty & Mr SKitty loved having her there,and she will be sadly missed..  .... 

awwwwww you will see her soon, dont worry both of you ..... I have to ask, how much is this 100 note worth? lol  
Is it 100 Yemen? i do not have a clue? and TattyRD will not tell me :P 

She is full of beans even after being cooped urp for the past couple of days, she could not wait to show me her new little badge either ... very nice, and she obviously loves it, and wears it with pride!

Her time in Muscat, Oman seems to have made her grow up a little ... they do say travel broadens the mind, and the  'an 'Idiot abroad' show, has nothing on my little Backpack Tatty RD LOL 

She dumped her stuff on the table, went to find kitteh for a cuddle, then next thing, as she was soo quiet, and that usually spells trouble in her case, i went looking for her ... and found her tucked up in bed fast asleep.

So that is where she still is, exhausted, but with a massive big smile on her face! obviously dreaming of camels dung, oasis, and strange talking people ...who she did not understand one word of what they said lol 

And actually she does smell a bit ...  but other countries have there own smell about them, Turkey, as soon as you get off the airplane, its has that 'smell' that is like no other place ... so i was waiting to see what she would smell like hahahah shame i cant bottle it urp! :D

Thank you sooo much again, Skitty & Mr Skitty!!

So, we have a few days together, then off she goes to Suzie, in Cornwall .... where she will have new adventures to share with lots of photos while she is there and gets back. HAPPY DAYS!! 

Tatty xx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Backpack Tatty RD flies home ....


And aww there were tears at the airport! 

The night before Tatty RD was due to fly back, it was James to leave first, who is Skitty's son, Skitty and Mr Skitty did not know that they had a 'hideaway' in the car on the way to the airport! 

In Skitty's own words .....
They get to departures and look who jumps out .......

and jumped onto the post box outside the departures terminal, she was so excited thinking she could get on a plane straight away, when I told her that her flight was the next day......

she was a bit upset at that so ...

She decided to try and post herself home to the UK, took 3 of us to drag her out of the post box!

OMG! lol Skitty you need eyes in the back of your head with this one! 

Tatty Ragdoll looking very happy in the departure terminal 
on the day of her flight 15th September                            
( she got a few strange looks can't think why), 
a few tears were evident from me & mr skitts...

 life won't be the same without Tatty here for sure :(

Awwww i am soo happy, that you made her feel welcome! and showed her places she would never have seen! I can never thank you and Mr Skitty enough for making sure Tatty RD was happy and well cared for .... an example for future people :) 

I really cannot wait to see her home again! 

Thank you again .. both of you! you have made me giggle and happy like you will never know! 

wait for the next instalments peeps ... King Arthur and Camelot! Avalon! is her destination next.

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Backpack Tatty RD ROAD TRIP...

While in Middle East ... with Skitty, Kiki ... which when you get together with her, you HAVE TO practice blowing raspberry's so that she feels at home with you .... hahahah

If you invite Backpack Tatty RD then obviously you have to do some of what she asks, so she wanted to go on an unusual day out and looky .. she got one!

And to start with she insists on reading the road map, which I KNOW she is no good at, so before she manages to get everyone lost, she wants to DRIVE! :O

ohhhh jeeesh .....

SEAT BELTS everyone! ............

Ohh crikey LOL 

Good she gets bored easy, and soon sat back to enjoy the scenery, and before long they came to a lovely little place to stop and have a drink at ...

Trouble is she enjoyed the drink waay too much .. was i have been told was soon flat out on the table ... face down!

To save any embarrassment .. especially to me .. we will forgo that piccy hehe i think for once ...

back on the road on the way to the beach they came to the 'Coffee pot' roundabout, named so because it has coffee pots embedded in it lol so she had to run over and jump on for her photo to be taken ...
<<She thought she found treasure!

.. well one she sat one.....

 THIS one she nearly impailed herself on!

FINALLY ... the beach! Quryat beach to be exact .. and seriously if that was me there, i would have asked to go fishing, in one of them boats lol i will need to have a chat with her when she gets back here! 
'Wadi al bani Khalid' was where she learned something, that this is a dry valley bed, that will turn to an oasis after rain .... see, she does have a pea brain in there somewhere :D

I will post photos of her when she gets back ... so she can end her journey to the Middle East and Skittys herself ...

Tatty xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Further Adventures from Lori ...

Tippecanoe River ....camping

Ohhh CAMPING! well i do say she is up for anything ... 

And the trouble is, as they do not know much about the world and wildlife, they will insist on going exploring ...and if 2 are together, they 'egg' each other on .. so this wasp nest in the corner of the cabin was something that had to be seen ... CLOSE URP!! 

*doh* .... 

Then they found the river ... can you just imagine it, cooped up in a car for goodness knows how long, they get let out, and run riot all over! giggling .... 

see the thing with these two is, they live together at Lori's, one does belong to Paige her daughter, so they go everywhere together ... terrible twins sort of takes it to the next level ... because they then spy a kayak! 

They then try to hide out in it .. hoping no one would see them, now they know they would not have been allowed to stay in ... because they do not have tiny life jackets! 

even though they tried their best to stay quiet ... they were found and put ashore ... 

They really was not happy ... 

Theire poor little faces :( awwwww

Pleading look in her eyes ....

"Come back for me!!!!" 

I supposed next i will be making life jackets lol 

Tatty xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Miscat, Oman LOL ....

Yep, seriously 'backpack Tatty RD' arrived 26th August! and has made herself known that she is there!

<<< backpack with supplies in, teabags, small chocolate, 2 red cough drops (home made i may add by Lori) and a letter!

Skitty, who is looking after her for a couple of weeks, and her daughter have the pleasure of Tatty Rd company, AND as usual it did not take her long to make herself at home!
They both left Tatty RD at home with new friends  ..... Kalamity Kiwi (the big brown one)
The Frogster

AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! they came home to a gambling den! with Tatty Rd sitting at the head of the table! 

I really do not know what to say! hahahah well apart from pee myself laughing! she has some front i cant tell you ... 

Just look at her *sniggers* 

Cards, money, drinking, SMOKING! who taught her that? and it looks a tad big for a roll urp *cough* 

When she returns home, she will be told i can promise you that ... so that the next person who has the pleasure of her company does not get any shocks ... 
I will be saying who that will be very soon .... so if you had your name down on the 'list'  .. be prepared!

In the meantime Skitty, if she goes out in the sun make sure she has plenty or shade .. as she has very delicate, creamy skin :D   

Tatty xx


Humble beginnings ...   raspberry-blower