The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chef Tatty RD first meal


So this is serious stuff peeps, hot pans and pots, so be prepared, wear protective clothing, wash hands, and most of all... have the fire extinguisher handy!

Tomato & Mozzarella Toast.

Ingredients: 1 large french loaf
250ml (1cup) sundried tom Puree
3 packets of Mozzarella cheece (grated)
2tsp dried oregano or mixed herbs
3tbsp olive oil
black ground pepper.

pre-heat oven 220C / gas mark 7
slice french bread diagonally, 12-15 slices
disgard the ends.
lightly toast under grill, both sides.
remove from heat
spead the puree on each slice of toast.
arrange mozzarella over each slice.
sprinkle with oregano or mixed herbs, drizle with olive oil
bake in the oven for 5mins.

Main Meal.
Fettucine ball 'alfredo

Ingredients: 1/4 cup of butter
1 cup double cream
2/3 cup freshly grated parmisan cheese
350g /12oz fresh fettaucine
salt &ground blk pepper

melt butter in large pan
add cream and bring to the boil
simmer for 5mins, stir constatantly
slowly add parmisan, with salt and pepper to taste.
turn off the heat under the pan.

cook the pasta in large pan of lightly salted boiling water 3mins

turn on heat under the pan of cream to low
add drained pasta all at once
toss untill coated in sauce.
taste for seaoning and serve.

Cool Chocolate float

Ingredients: 4oz of plain choc broken into pieces
1 cup milk
1 tbsp caster sugar
4 large scoops vanilla icecream
4 large scoops dark choc icecream
a little lightly whipped cream
grated chocolate to decorate

put the chocolate in a heavy pan
add milk and sugar
heat gently
stirring with wooden spoon untill choc has melted and mixture is smooth
pour into a bowl, and set in a larger bowl of iced water to cool quickly

blend the cooled choc mixture with half icecream until mixture resembles choc milk.

scoop remaining icecream into tall glasses and alternate vanilla and chocolate.
using a desert spoon, drizle choc milk over and around the icecream in each glass.

top with lightly whipped cream, and sprinkle over grated choc and serve.

AND then you get to lick thw whole load of chocolate all to yerself .. go on, stick yer head into that pan and just lick it all urp :P heheheh


AND, do not forget you can buy your full size apron from the Zazzle shop by clicking the 'EXTRAS' link on the right.

Recipes supplied by: Lovely Lynne Parker

Tatty xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Halloween Tatty RD…

Yes she is ready to pre-order so she will arrive to you in time for the ‘Spooky’ night on 31st October. Be quick, it is only 2 months away! And this is limited as usual to 13.

As you can see she has a very special ‘metalic’ type blue dress, which has a ‘hankerchief’ affect. Along with ‘spider’ sleeves and ‘shawl’.

And for this occasion she also has the ‘Addams’ family type ‘white streak’ in her hair  along with a black flower that has a spiders web entangled into it.

Also, how can we not include a little black cat .. which is sparkly! Which is attached to her leg, or you can have a surprise of pumpkin, bat (attached to arm) and other spooky things, you just have to choose which option when buying.

When ordering, you order the normal Tatty Ragdoll, and then choose the ‘Halloween’ option. The cat etc are 10p options. I am sorry I cannot get a ‘free’option on the site.

Only one Tatty RagDoll will have the black and silver metalic web dress, so if you want this, register as a customer, then email me, first come first serve basis.

Tatty xx

Chef Tatty RD

Now has her own apron you can buy! any colour you want etc ...

Click the 'EXTRA's' link to the right >> and shop 'til you drop!

ROLL URP .. ROLL URP .. Brand new items to buy, come and get yours before someone else buys it! or else! Tatty will NOT be happy if you leave her skint! :D

Tatty xx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Another Announcement! 25th July

Lynne Parker has now joined ‘Tatty RagDoll’s entourage’ she will assist Tatty RagDoll in giving you nice recipes for you to try out in the comfort of your own home … full course menu’s will be devised so you can have that extra special dinner party ..

We hope that the TV show ‘come dine with me’ will give Lynne and Tatty RagDoll a place when they get to her area … they will win hands down! No doubt about that lol

Also, you can send us your fav’s and we will try them out and post them here as well ..
Stand well back .. we don’t want you getting covered in goo while Tatty RagDoll if in the kitchen.

Along with Josiephine Downes joining her entourage … Poetry with Tatty RagDoll … oh yes, we fully intend to TRY and bring culture to our little Tatty RagDoll in the hope that she will be able to control her nawty ways and mischief .. *cough* I very much doubt it though!

The hope is that, in showing her the refined way of using words with poetry .. she will become more of a little Lady… refined so to speak… we can live in hope!

IF YOU, think you have a place in Tatty RagDoll’s entourage, please email me with details of your area of expertise, and how you can contribute in doing things with Tatty RD, you will have to make regular updates on how you are getting on with your plotting .. I mean teachings and what you have brought out in the way of helping the world a better place for Tatty RD (RD = RagDoll) keep up people .. (I will refer to her as this, because typing her full name all the time is getting to me) … I need shortcuts hehe

Anyhoo I look forward to reading your ‘CV’s’ in detail and will seriously be considered for a place in the growing entourage .. don’t miss out on this unique opportunity .. you will regret it! And places are limited .. we do not know yet to how many, but it will be….

OHhhh i forgot to say, as Tatty RD is skint, you will be expected to do this for love NOT money lol

COMING SOON .. Tatty RD visits a 'Haunted Castle'! YIKES!!

Tatty xx

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tatty RagDoll Is having strange dreams...

Oh yes Tatty No2, Andrews Tatty .. she seems to be able to 'project' her dreams so photos can be taken .. these she says are of places she would like to go ..

What can i say .. i really DO NOT know where she gets all this from .. I personally blame Andrew AND Duncan! you can never trust men to keep these sort of ideas to themselves hahah

Tatty xx

Friday, 22 July 2011


If you register, wait 24 hours before you buy, in which time i will apply a discount for you!

Monday, 18 July 2011


I have the very great honour of naming Tatty RagDolls new ‘entourage’ yes she has special peeps helping now in their own special way .. so introducing:

Duncan … The ‘Ideas’ man, who has been helping right from the very start, and should be acknowledged for all the great things he has come up with .. we think alike, which makes it soo much easier

Andrew … The ‘Exposure’ man, oh yes, important as he is responsible for getting Tatty Ragdoll’s photo EVERYWHERE! You name it she will be there, this will run alongside all your very own ‘adventure’ stories that you send to me with photos of your very own Tatty RagDoll .. Andrew will just go that one step further to get that extra special photo, stand by and wait to be amazed!

Mag’s … The ‘FB (facebook) promotor’ lady, She has the important job of collecting as many fans as possible for Tatty RagDoll .. we need her to invade FB like no other has before ..promote Tatty RagDoll, so that she becomes a ‘friend’ to each and every one of you… YOU just need to send friend requests to all your friends, so they can join the fb page too!... ARE YOU WITH US!! (say ‘aye’ then) lol

As soon as the link for the facebook page is available I will add it here, so keep looking out ..

There may well be another added, but at this time will remain ‘annon’ .. the intrigue will keep you on yeer toes! lol

In the meantime, here is a taster of what is to come, and you will be able to buy, posters, postcards from the Zazzle shop of these photos.. so ..

Tatty RagDoll ‘OUT IN SPACE’<<(say in loud deep voice) adventure!

Not to be outdone by small companies offering London tours, Tatty got in touch with a good friend from the Five Sided Building and got herself a ticket on the last ever Space Shuttle flight.


The rest will be available to buy tomorrow at this link..

Or click the link on the right near the top 'Extras' ..or make a request to me for an item you want, and i will get it done for you to buy.

Thanks for all who support her already! Each and everyone of you is special. PASS THE LINK TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! when its posted, or this blog link too ..

Tatty xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Adventures of Tatty RagDoll by Mousey

SO.. last Sunday (10th) the lovely Mousey came over to mine and we went out to lunch. But she also took ‘charge’ of her very own Tatty RagDoll, and I use that term ‘charge’ very slack, cos Tatty RagDoll sneeked into Mousey’s bag while we was not looking, and popped her head out when we got to the pub!

Just in time to have a drinkie of wine!

As usual she was all sweet and innocent looking when she first met Mousey… and did her usual ‘pose’ for the camera.

Then look what happened at our lovely lunch …

YEP .. and there she headed for ... wine! lucky for us, most had evaporated by this point ...*cough*

Mousey did try to calm her down, by making her 'pose' some more for the camera ...

BUT.. she was not having all the picture posing and promptly drank all the glasses dry! she then tried to hide my 'crutch' .. eerrmm lol

Mousey made her get back into her bag, so we could carry on with our lovely day, and we had a really great time! The meal was yummy! The drink was yummier! And the company LOVERLY!

So who is next to send adventures in? cant wait LAUREN! Lol

Tatty xx

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Adventures of Tatty RagDoll by Bella 9th July

So Tatty RagDoll number 15 finally got her wish and is now at home with Bella, yay! When she arrived yesterday, she was tired and needed rest after the 24 hour journey cooped up in a parcel … when she woke up true to form she played merry hell … just look what she got up to! ..

Look mum, I am here at Bellas safe and sound! ‘tis lovely here!

then I found some lovely pink earings and just had to put them on, which Mousie made, very lovely they are too .. only on me, they soo big, they look like Pats earing from Eastenders hahahah

Awww look at these 2 lovebirds .. don’t they look really happy.. that i am finally in their lives hehe maybe they will let me sleep with them *ninja*

OOooo looky what I found .. at last refreshements, cant make up my mind what to have, ohh ok thanks I will have both *hic* … keep them coming …my doctor says i must have at least 3 of these every hour hehee

I may have had a drinkie, but I don’t want to go out clubbing with you sweetie, and not your girlfriend, I just met you! Take it easy there where you hold my legs too! I just want to stay in with my Bella ta very muchly …

OHHhh CAKE! I controled myself and did not just dive onto it this time … nom nom nom .. but what big candles? They is bigger than me

YIKES WTH … omg if I had panties on I sure I would have peed them by now … i was not expecting them to be like this, i usually have the little ones, trick ones really that you cant blow out hahaha actually these not bad candles really!

All in all my first night with Bella was lovely, I know I will be very happy here .. and she lets me help myself to anything I want!! *now… where is the alcihol kept* …….

No holding her back is there lol good luck with that one Bella pmsl! I am sure you will be very happy together lol

Tatty xx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

TattyRagdolloriginal Online Shop - GroovyCart - soft authentic Ragdoll BUY: Tatty RagDoll sewing pattern Tatty Ragdill Sewing Patt,

TattyRagdolloriginal Online Shop - GroovyCart - soft authentic Ragdoll BUY: Tatty RagDoll sewing pattern Tatty Ragdill Sewing Patt,

Adventures of Tatty RagDoll by Alabama Laura 3rd July 2011

Alabama Tatty at the beach!

WARNING!(<<<< in big red letters) Photos of a nekkid nature!! So avert yer eyes if you are young or prudish! LoL What can I say .. each and every Tatty RagDoll although have similar attitudes and mischief, nawty tendencies, they do vary from on to another … so imagine MY shock when I saw what she got up to on the Gulf Shores USA … my… oh my … oh myyyyyyy From Laura .... .

Look mum am at the beach! yes, lovely beach photo i hear you say...

- I'm at the beach! The sand really is white and fine like sugar. I want to play volleyball. Where did everybody go?

WARNING AGAIN!!! lol last chance to close yer eyes!! hehehe

- Hey everybody. Look at me!.......................

- I don't CARE if it's not a nude beach. I'm not wearing clothes and that's that. Do I LOOK like I care!

YIKES! OMG! WHAT is she doing?? She needs a bikini methinks .. so I better start making clothing accessories .. and pretty dam QUICK!

She has totally thrown me lol I don’t know if I should say sorry, or laugh myself silly … the latter I would think hahahah

Seems these lot are in competition with each other now … dread to think what will happen next!
Watch this space!

Tatty xx