The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Rosy is leading her astray!! :O

 It seems Rosy is letting little Tatty RD get away with all sorts, not keeping an eye on her!
Oh yes i kid you not! 

See, Duncan, sent a Rodeo Bull from Canada for Rosy's son Joe, well it seems, while left alone in Joe's bedroom, Tatty RD made it her business to go and introduce herself, and look at what this new thingy was .. and then because the Bull told her what he was and what he did .. this is what happened ...

Yep she jumped on his back .. and started shouting "woohooo ride'em cowgirlie" 

Bucking all around on Joe's bed!  now Rosy said when she posted me this piccy, that and i quote "she walked into Joe's bedroom and there was Tatty RD 'riding' the new Bull" all innocent like ... yeah.. if you say soo Rosy.

But see i may ave believed her if it had not been for the next photo she posted .. 
Look at her! flirting with 'Spunky Monkey'!! of all the names to give a monkey .. tsk! 
And again Rosy tried to tell me innocently (she likes to think she is when drinking tea)
"After a bit of bull-riding I then discovered she was with her latest conquest, he is called Spunky Monkey for a very good reason it seems!

Do i look like i was born yesterday? 

I dunno ... you lot are supposed be responsible adults! Did you not sign the bit paper saying, you would look after her, protect her innocence blah blah?

Ohhh noo that was me saying or thinking it .. i am sure i told you all though, which should be good enough! 

I despair i really do .. next thing you know she will be handcuffed somewhere to a bed!!

I will have to pay better attention as to what you are letting her get up to .. watch this space!

Tatty xx  

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A quote after the last blog ...

With the Secret Service hot on Tatty RD back here is what was said about her ....

Because she will NEVER utter a secret, to anyone! .. she is British! and many people know her .. here is what a friend said!

 sealed.. but i know what your saying...she will never udder, i mean utter a sound, well maybe a little whimper, but even with the threat of needle and thread to seal those lips closed.. she will hold up the Brititsh tradition and stand firm. { with help of course } lol...

BY: Dave lol 

Thanks Dave! hahah

Tatty xx 

Washington DC & the Secret Service .... & Lori ..

Yep .. her next stop was to do some sight seeing, only trouble is, some people were 'sight seeing her'!!

She did manage to go to the first place and have her photo taken with no one taking any notice really ...

George Washington Monument DC

Now that is something that strained her neck a little lol  but very impressive!

Next the Whitehouse itself .. yep, standing outside saying she really should be 'Mr President' a little too loud .. sort of got her some attention ...
see no one is on the roof ....

 VOILA! ohhh jeesh
then ...
SECRET SERVICE is on the roof .. pointing big binoculars at her!! probably taking photos of her!! :

see take a closer look hahahaha i bet they was wondering what the hell she was doing PMSL i can imagine the convo between the 2 of 'em now hahaha

OMG! she will probably be on some sort of list by now! CRAP-a-roony! I really hope they do not get my info .. well, maybe, if they are hunky, good looking men hehehe I AM HERE *waves* coooeeee

Move over Tatty RD you have done yer job lol

I have to say Lori .. you get her into trouble .. you are both on yer own hehehe

Blindingly funny all the photos you have sent Lori ... I LOVE THEM!!! HUGS xxxx

Tatty xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

More adventures from Lori's Tatty RD...

OH yes you can guarantee that this little Tatty RD will be all over the USA! With Lori at her side i dread to think what the pair of them will get up to! so her latest antics will be in 2 blogs, and the second will have you even in more stitches than this one!

So Lori and family went on vacation last week, and sure enough as soon as Tatty RD started looking around she just had to get into trouble!  whose idea was it to let her do this? 

So there they all are on  Assateague Island in Maryland. with poor little Tatty RD looking at the Atlantic Ocean ..  probably thinking of the UK where she came form ..... when she I SPIES .....


Ohhhh nooo you can just tell by the look on her face what she is thinking!! 

AND .. one handed! ......... 

Ohh jeesshhh NO HANDS! ...

OMG! what is she like!!! i dare not look!!! 

Thankfully, Lori did manage to get her down again ... which in hindsight it would have been better if she had left Tatty Rd hanging onto the kite ... especially when you see what she did next .....tomorrow wait for it!

Tatty xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Chef Tatty RD ..*sweet Droolage*

Passion fruit creams (Lynne's fav)

1 pint double cream
6 passion fruits
2-3 tbsp vanillasugar
5 eggs

preheat oven to 180/gas 4
line the bases of 6 ramekins with baking paper 
and place them in a baking tray

heat the cream to nearly boiling then remove from heat,

sieve the fleshof 4 passion fruit and beat together 
with the sugar
and eggs whisk in the hot cream 
and ladle it into the ramekins

half fill the roasting tray with 

boiling water and bake for 
25 mins or until set leave to cool.

run a knife around the insides 

of the ramekins then tip them 
out onto serving plates, tapping the bases firmly 
carefully peel off the baking paper... 
stick in the fride to cool before serving 

yum yum

Lovely Lynne Parker has surpassed herself with this *DROOLS*...

Tatty xx 

OHhhh crikey!! ...


OPPppsssyyy .... yeah keep on dreaming Little one heheheh

Photo By: Andrew Silman.

Tatty xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

LOST in SPACE .....

Yep she seems to have been left urp there!! or is she dreaming again?

At least it still looks like she is above Earth!! lol

Photo By: Andrew Silman.

Tatty xx

Chef Tatty RD.. something fishy...

Main meal for 4..  Garlicky scallops and prawns ..........            

6 large shelled scallops
6-8 large raw prawns peeled
plain flour for dusting
2-3 tbsp olive oil
1 clove of garlic finely chopped
1 tbsp chopped fresh basil
3 tbsp lemon juice
salt ground pepper to taste

rinse scallops under cold running water, drain and pat dry, cut them in half crossways, season the prawns and scallops and dust lightly with the flour, heat the oil in a large frying pan over a high heat, and add scallops and prawns

reduce the heat slightly and cook for 2 mins then turn the scallops and prawnsandd add the garlic and basil shake the pan, cook for a further 2 mins, sprinkle over the lemon juice toss and blend ... serve immediately

Our Lovely Lynne Parker Supplied the recipe ... *drools* .....

Tatty xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Teaser for you all ....

Tatty RagDoll .. now has a 'rucksack'!!

guess what for? lol

has straps that go around to her front, just as a normal rucksack!

will hold a few things, like teabag, sachet sugar, instructions! hehe

.................................It is fully lined too!!

So ... have you guessed yet what she is urp to?? All will be revealed SOON!

Tatty xx

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dreams or ....


I am slowly beginning to get used to little Tatty Rd's dreams, although how she shows them to me, is beyond me...  but anyhoo the very idea that she would w\nt to eat a 'burger' that is soo much bigger than herself is waaay out of comprehension!

WTH!! LMAO what would you call that anyway?

then teh very idea of a dream jumping to going to a funfair after eating the enormous burger .. can only be described a 'STOOPID!
Her and her dream monkey friend looked a bit green round the gills!!!

I certainly hope they had something to *barf* in!!

Thing was as i can only interpret these dreams into what i think she is trying to say, the last 'projection'  would have been ok, IF she had got into bed, and NOT played under it with the 'dust-bunnies', does she not clean in her dreams?

come to think of it, i do not 'clean' while dreaming, but then again, i do nto have 'dust-bunnies' under my bed either hehehe

Just goes to show we all dont dream about the same things .. just as well really *cough* LOL

Tatty xx

Chef Tatty RD..again

Main meals 2 .. 

Pan fried Gammon with Cider
Ingredients: 4 Gammon smoked steaks, 8oz each
150ml 1/4 pint dry cider
3tbsp double cream
2tbsp olive oil
salt and ground blk pepper
flat leaf parsley to garnish
mustard mash potatoes to serve

heat the oil in a large frying pan 
neatly snip the rind of the gammon to stop them curling up
add them to the pan

cook the steaks 2-4 mins each side 
pour in the cider
allow to boil for few mins
stir in the cream
cook for 1-2 mins or untill thickened
season with salt & pepper
serve immediately on a bed of mustard mash potatoe
pour over the cider sauce

While cooking pour yerself a large glass of cool cider, and sip .. lovelry :P

As usual the recipe is supplied by our Lovely Lynne Parker :) 

Tatty xx 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

MUMBLINGS from the maker of TRD ...


I will probably be ignored by many, BUT, we all need to 'get it off our chest' ...

I was brought up to respect others, elders, help where i can, be polite, 'please & thank you' cps nothing, but are rewarded with a smile, a pat on the head, etc depends how old you are. Respect other people's property, and help if you can.

I treat others the way i would like to be treated, those who know me know i would rather make someone smile, than hurt them in any way.

I brought my son up to be the same way, when he was 16 he got a part time job, so that he could pay for the things he wanted, and still did well at school, he did not go out at night, and I not know exactly where he was.
Since leaving school he literally worked his way up from the 'Disney' shop floor, to work in head office, and since been 'head hunted' by 2 very well other well know world wide companies.

AND I was a single mother, his father had not interest really, and we were divorced.

What is wrong with this picture? every single person i know has the same values, we are not rolling in money, they work hard, pay their way, bills, etc, most are skint most of the time, most cannot afford a holiday, but they have their values IN TACT. and we live very different area's of London, and the UK .. and Ireland.

SO oh WHY are these mindless children, young adults causing soo much damage? bored? bored? that is NEVER an excuse, and while looting etc where are they stashing it all? you cannot tell me that MOST of their parents do not know what they have been up to all weekend ..

WHY are parents condoning all this from their children?


Every single one of these so called human beings, that have been on the streets doing UNLAWFUL acts, should ALL be made to clear up the mess, and repay a certain amount of money, INCLUDING the parents of them, they are all responsible, they all should be made to pay.

16 and above? send them to a special Army training school, BOY and Girls, 18+ put them in the army for at least 2 years, when after the initial few weeks of training, they are then sent to clean the streets, of every single piece of dirt, shit, rubbish .. why pay someone to do this, when these who live on the social system, can quiet well do it if they want to carry on refusing to to work.
It is quiet easy to make huts to accommodate these, in  areas that are mainly just laying fields and land doing nothing for now ..

Government want to cut costs .. there are solutions APPLY YOUR BRAIN MATTER! and use it in a sensible way.  LISTEN to what we the people who are disgusted of this weekends madness .. a lot of what i have seen with regards to solutions MAKE SENSE, why do they not to you?

Get your heads out of your arses David Cameron and the likes ... STOP pampering yourselves, and do something for US for a change!


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chef Tatty RD ...

At it again! 

More main meals to be going on with ... todays is ...

Beef with blue cheese sauce.

Ingredients: 2tsp butter
2tbsp olive oil
4 fillet steaks (beef tender loins)
salt and coursly ground blk pepper
freash flat leaf parsley to garnish
roast potatoes and mederterainian veg to serve
2tbsp brandy
150ml double cream
3oz crumbled blue cheese

heat the butter and oil together in a heavy frying pan, high heat
season steaks well
fry for 1 min each side to sear them

lower the heat and cook for further 2-3 mins each side.
remove steaks to warm plate
reduce the heat and add brandy stirring into pan juices
add cream and boil

add crumled cheese and mash it into the sauce using a spoon.
taste for seasoning and serve in a jug.
garnish beef with parsley add roast potatoes and veg.

AGAIN .. recipe curtisy of our Lovely Lynne Parker. Enjoy!

Tatty xx

White Witch in training ..

Yes as you all know, our little Tatty RD will just about do anything, not only to get attention, and she does go a bit far at times to get our attention lol but to widen her horizons so to speak, so it looks like Angela's 2 are helping each other get into mischief and mayhem ..

Enticing the poor little kitteh into their 'circle' i would have thought is a really bad idea, but nooo look at 'em!
NOT only does the kitteh wonder into the circle, he then starts to look into the crystal ball with them! just as well kittehs do not have disposable thumbs or he would be the one dealing the tarot cards! yikes!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Chef Tatty RD .. hot in the kitchen!

Main meal 3.. veggie option ....Ciabatta pizza

Ingredients: 1 loaf Ciabatta bread
1 garlic clove, halfed
2-3 tbsp olive oil
6tbsp passata tomatoes
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
2oz each of each of the 4 cheeses, mature, cheddar, stilton, mild cheese
goats cheese, sliced or grated
ground blk pepper
sprigs of basil to garnish

Preheat the oven to 200 / gas mark 6
split the bread in half
rub the cut sides in garlic
brush over the oil
spread the passata (tomato) over the bread
add onion slices
season to taste with salt and blk pepper

Divide the cheeses between the ciabatta halves 
bake in the oven for 10-12 mins untill bubbling and golden brown
cook in the middle of the oven
remove from heat and cut pizza into slices and serve.
garnish with springs of basil

Thanks again to our Lovely Lynne Parker for the scrumptious recipe!

Tatty xx