The very first Tatty Ragdoll

The very first Tatty Ragdoll
I am alive!!

Monday, 23 May 2011


YES! The very first NUMBER ONE Tatty RagDoll is now finished!

And already SOLD, but donated back by the buyer, so she can be auctioned off, and go to the animal shelter! Thank you Dave! Which be very soon!

Number one, has a lovely baby blue glitter, 2 layer dress, with white glitter neck.
The usuall red glitter heart and ‘Tatty’ embroidery, which is on all of her dresses.

Under is a blue heart, overlaid with a small pocket, for a small note to be inserted by you. And Royal blue coloured feet on this one.

Special feature on Number One is, a pink diamonte, that is centre of the flowers in the left side of he hair.

Also, as will be standard is my ‘TAG’ which identifies that these ragdolls, are in fact genuine, and made me, Tatty lol this is located under her right arm. If a ragdoll does not have this, it is not made by me, and a fake! :S

Also, along with Tatty RagDoll, will be a certificate, with corresponding number .. dictated by Tatty RagDoll herself .. well her part with her say, with the particulars of the Ragdoll also on the certificate, so they will always go hand in hand with each other.

Hopefully the rest of the pre-ordered ragdolls will be finished by the end of this week … *fingers crossed* …

Details of the auction will be posted next week … so watch out for it ..

I am soo happy that finally she is launched!

Tatty xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

She Has WINGS!

Due to the ‘rapture’ rigmarole this weekend .. I though I would quickly do Tatty Ragdoll some wings … one white the other black, so she is niether side …

She also has a black and white dress, which needs to be finished.

The Tatty ‘Rapture’ RagDoll … hehehe although, seen as she has some real attitude issues .. I would not want to bet where she would go *cough*

Although, in her defence, they are not that bad, more funny!

Tatty xx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The small pocket ...

Is here!

Here is the first piccy of what the small pocket will look like, that will be on Tatty Ragdolls chest.

The pocket will lay across a heart shape, you open the top, which is velcrod, and put your small message inside, for the person you are giving her to.

I have to say, this little pocket took me an age to make, as it is only a few centimeters, but well worth the addition, as I said in a previous post.

This is an extra small cost for those who want the pocket added.

What do you think?

Tatty xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ramblings of a ...

Ragdoll maker ....

It seems since Tatty Ragdoll came to life, I have NO life! She has taken over like nothing else has for a long time, even the little voices in my head are quiet these days .. and it takes a lot to shut them urp!

For 2 days, after spending the past week sewing seams, I have been making faces while stuffing heads .. now i can honestly say that with a stright face, cos its true hehehe *mumbles*

How many of you can say that last statement and mean it? Lol

Today after taking part in helping someone find a tool for her screw, I will be stuffing more heads, I have done making faces for now …

I live an exciting life really ! *mutter-mutter*

Tatty xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ahead of time!

It is only just over a week, and I want to let those of you have pre-ordered a Tatty RagDoll that she is ahead of time … so will be with you in a week! Yay I hear you say …

Nearer the time I will message you individually with how to pay etc .. a couple of people are in for surprises too! All the first 13 made will have the pockets on .. there are still 3 available, so be quick if you want this without paying extra ..

Hope this info makes you smile!

Tatty xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Official Birth date!

Today is the official birth date of Tatty Ragdoll …

New feature!

I will also for a small fee, i can add a small pocket with flap, so that a small message can be put inside.

For example, everyone knows ‘Zippy’ from the ‘rainbow’ childrens show? Well I have 3 small soft toys of these, Zippy, Bungle, George, my son some years ago now wrote a small note to me, folded it up, and put it inside Zippys mouth, and zipped it up … such a sweet note, and its still in there!

So I thought it would be lovely to do this on Tatty Ragdoll … so you too can write a small note to the person you are giving her to, and put it in the pocket, which will be located on her chest, where her heart would be.

what do you think??

Tatty x

Thursday, 12 May 2011

More information for you ...

Early next week, Paypal will be here, which will take you to a secure site, where you can order your Tatty Ragdoll!

please be patient, this is still only a few days old .. and i am doing all this on my own, not enough hours in the days .. you will not be disappointed with how rare and unique she is .. with small extras that i will post about very soon ... hold onto to your hats!

Tatty x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


OH Yes!! ... The Tatty Ragdoll, will now be issued with a certificate, which will be numbered, and the 'friends' name who owns her.

Tatty Ragdoll will slighty have something changed once every year on May 14th. so that you can carry on collecting, and numbering will again be exclusive.

its all go! Tatty x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tatty Ragdoll Original ..

As she said, 'Is alive!!'

Introducing ... The ragdoll with attitude!

Born 14th May 2011, made from calico, fire retardent stuffing. Is approx 30cm high(12inch) black hair, with flower in.

Tatty Ragdoll's dress is of lilac and white organza, with a glitter heart on left shoulder and 'Tatty' embroidered near them hem of the dress.

This is the original Tatty Ragdoll. Ragdolls will vary slightly as they are handmade to order.

you can of course have a different coloured dress, with the heart and embroidery on.

When you order a Tatty Ragdoll, i will confirm a date with you for approzimate delivery day, again please remember, others may be pending, I will try my best to make yours asap.

It will take about a week to make one Tatty Ragdoll .. please be patient!

Why did i make this Ragdoll? i had been staring at an 'Avatar' of her for a few years now, and thought it would be funny to make one, see how she came out .. and everyone loves her! very me! always blowing 'rasberry's' lol

Please feel free to comment, and subscribe to email, for updates etc.

Everyone knows me as a mischief maker .. my Tatty Ragdoll says it for me....

Price will be added soon.

Thanks for taking an interest ... Tatty xx